Sunday, 16 April 2017 00:15

To encourage youth to step out of their comfort zones and spread love, we have put on the North Thailand program for seventeen years. On previous trips, we have served lots of schools and painted their school buildings. We are now recruiting volunteers to join us for another year. We prefer participants to be university students, but teachers and high school youth are also welcome. This year, let’s paint North Thailand’s sky with love together.

Sunday, 09 April 2017 17:14

Sri Lanka is called the most beautiful pearl in the Indian Ocean. The Taiwan World Youth Volunteer Association (TWYVA) has provided volunteer service in Sri Lanka since 2012, including holding a cultural night, painting school buildings, providing English education, and building treehouses, playground facilities, and a rock climbing field. This year, we will focus on Taiwanese traditional art, such as temple culture, aboriginal lifestyle, and Hakka culture. Importantly, this will be the first time we conduct service assignments with foreign partners, so we can motivate more and bring more innovation to this island. Join us and let’s paint Sri Lanka’s skies with love together.

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