The 4th Directorate List

Term:From Dec. 24th, 2011 to Dec. 23rd, 2014

Directors, Executive Committee:
•Mr. Wu, Si-Da

(Professor, Department of Human Resource Development, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences)
•Mrs. Lee, Jing-Yang
(Principal, The Affiliated Senior High School of National Koahsiung Normal University)
•Mrs. Chen, Jin-Hua
(Retired teacher from Kaohsiung Municipal Hanmin Elementary School)

•Mrs. Chiang, Yi-Wen

(Member, the Control Yuan)
•Mr. Jhou, Jhih-Yue
(Teacher, National Chia-Yi Industrial Vocational High School)
•Mr. Lin, Feng-Shin
(Teacher, Chiayi Municipal Lan Tan Junior High School)
•Mr. Guo, Jing-Song
(Chief, Student Affair Office of Kaohsiung City Tai-Ping Elementary School)
•Miss Tseng, An-Rong
(Chief, Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd.)
•Miss Liu, Yan-Chun
(Software Product Manager, Acer Incorporated)

Reserve Directors, Executive Committee:
•Miss Chen, Chen-Yu

(Teacher, Taoyuan Municipal Nei-Li Junior High School)
•Miss Chen, Yi-Rong
(Senior, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families)

Supervisor and Chair, Supervisory Board:
•Mr. Jhou, Chi-Sheng

(Engineer, China Steel Corporation)

•Mr. Song, Chun-Wei

(Military Training Instructor and Chief of Student Life Section, TransWorld University)
•Mr. Chen, Chih-Chung
(Assistant Manager, Auer Media & Entertainment Corporation)

Reserve Supervisor:
•Miss Chen, Li-An

(Staff, Spring Tree Construction Co., Ltd.)

Updated by Dec. 18th, 2014

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