The area between the border between Thailand and Myanmar is the first place TWYVA provide volunteer programs.  For many years, we provide cultural and educational service for local minority and Chinese people.  So far, we still provide volunteer programs for those people.

For most of the youth in Taiwan, "Mangrove" is just a noun which can be found only in textbooks.  Just a few young poeple ever get to see mangrove plants, let alone plant new mangrove saplings, even though there are some mangrove preservation areas in Guan-Do of Taipei and in Si-Cao of Tainan.  As we all know, mangroves play a key role in the Earth's ecology.  Mangroves not only provide a great habitat for numerous plants and animals, but they also greatly reduce greenhouse effects for our planet.  Thus, TWYVA brings volunteers to one of the famous mangrove preservation areas in Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand...

AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is still regarded as the so-called "Black Death" in the world today.  The disease is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  So far, there is no effective medicine which can cure HIV patients.  There are many HIV patients in Thailand, but most of the Thai people have insufficient knowledge of HIV.  This situation makes many Thai people afraid of HIV sufferers, for instance, not willing to live with the patients, not providing jobs for the patients, and even isolating the patients from society.  Some Buddhist monks in Thailand decided to help...

Located between the border of Thailand and Myanmar, the Karen people are one of the minority groups in the Thai-Myanmar border areas.  Their ancestry was the Mongolian race, and they settled down in this area after migrating many times.  They have their own calendar system, so A.D. 2015, as we all know it, can be converted into the Karen calendar as 2754.  Besides this, the Karen people also have their own characters and language.  Now, most of them live in the border mountain area between Thailand and Myanmar...

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