Mangrove Planting Volunteer

For most of the youth in Taiwan, "Mangrove" is just a noun which can be found only in textbooks.  Just a few young poeple ever get to see mangrove plants, let alone plant new mangrove saplings, even though there are some mangrove preservation areas in Guan-Do of Taipei and in Si-Cao of Tainan.  As we all know, mangroves play a key role in the Earth's ecology.  Mangroves not only provide a great habitat for numerous plants and animals, but they also greatly reduce greenhouse effects for our planet.  Thus, TWYVA brings volunteers to one of the famous mangrove preservation areas in Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand.  The volunteers can know how to recognize different mangrove plants, and have an opportunity to plant some mangrove saplings there, as well.  Helping the volunteers learn the importance of the mangrove plants is the purpose for including this volunteer job in the schedule of the volunteer group in Thailand.

No one can imagine how difficult the mangrove planting is.  Firstly, volunteers have to overcome the problem of feet-stucking in the mud.  In other words, walking on the mangrove preservation area becomes a strenuous and exhausting exercise for them.  Besides, millions and millions of mosquitos and bugs fly (and bite, for sure!) towards the volunteers and make the planting much tougher.  Therefore, to avoid endless attack by the mosquito army, the volunteers need to plant all the mangrove saplings as quickly as they can.  And they also have to shake their bodies or wave their arms and legs to drive the bugs away.  Even doing so, it's still quite easy to find many mosquito bites on each volunteer.  Although it takes a lot of time for the saplings to become big trees, we believe that the mangrove planting will benefit people and the planet.  That's the purpose that we would like our volunteers to plant mangroves.

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