Visiting AIDS Patient Care Center

AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is still regarded as the so-called "Black Death" in the world today.  The disease is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  So far, there is no effective medicine which can cure HIV patients.  There are many HIV patients in Thailand, but most of the Thai people have insufficient knowledge of HIV.  This situation makes many Thai people afraid of HIV sufferers, for instance, not willing to live with the patients, not providing jobs for the patients, and even isolating the patients from society.  Some Buddhist monks in Thailand decided to help the sufferers by founding a HIV Patient Care Center to provide medical treatment, to adopt the patients (including HIV children), to help with funeral arrangements for the patients, and to educate people about the correct knowledge of the AIDS disease.

The HIV Patient Care Center is located in Lop Buri Province of Thailand.  Each year, TWYVA leads the volunteers to the center to visit the patients and to provide some performances, such as singing, dancing, and musical instrument playing, etc.  The volunteers also take the chance to visit the body and apparatus museum.  The displays there include: many HIV patients' bodies and different apparatuses, the bone art exhibition of all the objects of art made from HIV patients' skeletons; and the bone ash storeroom which displays all the ash bags of the dead.   We would like the volunteers to know about HIV very well, and to learn how to protect themselves against HIV, as well as to convey our greetings to the patients.  That's the purpose of our visiting the HIV Patient Care Center.

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