Visiting and Helping Karen People

Located between the border of Thailand and Myanmar, the Karen people are one of the minority groups in the Thai-Myanmar border areas.  Their ancestry was the Mongolian race, and they settled down in this area after migrating many times.  They have their own calendar system, so A.D. 2015, as we all know it, can be converted into the Karen calendar as 2754.  Besides this, the Karen people also have their own characters and language.  Now, most of them live in the border mountain area between Thailand and Myanmar.

Currently, most of the Karen people live in Thailand and Myanmar.  But some of them who lived in Myanmar fled to Thailand because of persecution by the Myanmar military government more than 10 years ago.  So, those Karen people are regarded as refugees by the Thailand government.  The Thailand government decided to restrict their movements to the specific areas, which means none of the refugees can move freely, and they get little assistance from NPOs.  The refugees, so far, are not willing to return to their home country although it's quite easy for them to go back once they cross the river border.  Most of the Karen refugees are the intellectuals and have established their own schools, clinics, and committee organizations, etc.  But, still, these refugees lead a primitive life because of insufficient livelihood materials, such as electric power, clean water and food.  TWYVA started to do our volunteer service for the Karen people in 2007 and continued to 2009, visiting and sending them some basic livelihood items, including food, medicine, clothes, etc., and holding summer camps for the children.  We may hold the related volunteer activities in the future, and welcome you to join with us to help the Karen people.

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